Finnish sauna

Bacteria and viruses are killed in hot and dry air. By sweating, toxins and waste products leave the body through the skin. The physiological effects of the sauna are very diverse: it improves blood circulation, regenerates blood vessels, trains the heart, strengthens the immune system, so flu and colds can be prevented. Sauna beautifies, rejuvenates, elasticizes the skin and relieves muscle spasms. And of course it has a serious stress relieving effect. Due to the increased blood circulation, the body gets more oxygen, so it relaxes and regenerates easier. The sauna is prevention and treatment at the same time. Even once session a month has positive effect. In addition to the dry, hot air the aromatic, essential oil infusions bring new life to body and soul.

Cold water Tub

A splash into the tub provides perfect refreshment after a hot sauna. The water temperature is around 16-18 ° C. Cold water causes the expanded blood vessels to contract suddenly. Cold water tub is excellent against atherosclerosis but it is also good for prevention.

Relaxation deck chairs

An effective, relaxing sauna takes an hour and a half – a time which should not be regretted. Resting between sauna sessions will be maximally effective in our relaxation deck chairs. Mood lighting and soft music are as well perfect for helping the relaxation.

Exclusive massage chair

Fantastic massage experience! Just lean back and relax! Your body and soul are guaranteed to be renewed! Our extremely comfortable exclusive massage chair helps your relaxation, successfully reduces the feeling of tiredness, relieves your pain and reduces stress. There are several pres-set, automatic massage programs on the remote control, which offer different massages. For having a special massage experience for yourself now all you have to do is to choose a pre-set program!